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About SCMS
For people with HIV/AIDS in developing countries, cost-effective, reliable, secure and sustainable supply chains can save millions of lives. For more than six years, the Supply Chain Management System (SCMS) has been saving lives through stronger supply chains.

SCMS is managed by the Partnership for Supply Chain Management, which also holds the contract for the Global Fund's Pooled Procurement Mechanism (PPM), previously known as Voluntary Pooled Procurement (VPP).

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Working With Us
Opportunities include:
  • Ordering from our e-catalog
  • Supplying medicines and products by responding to RFPs
  • Partnering on improving supply chain efficiencies through technical assistance
  • Vendor support
  • Other collaborative opportunities
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Tools You Can Use!

The National Supply Chain Assessment Toolkit: Use this comprehensive toolkit to assess the capability and performance at all levels of a health supply chain. The results of the assessment help supply chain managers and implementing partners develop their strategic and operational plans and monitor whether activities are achieving their expected outcomes. Access Toolkit.

Health Care Waste Management: Learn how SCMS builds technical and operational capacity and infrastructure to support sound management of hazardous waste. Our helpful resources include Health Care Waste Management Visual Aids and the SCMS Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision Health Care Waste Management Toolkit. More Info

What's New

SCMS contributes to policy brief on transitioning to new HIV/AIDS pediatric regimens: This Inter-Agency Task Team (IATT) and WHO policy brief advises implementers that it will be increasingly difficult to procure specific ARVs on their own as of the end of 2014. If countries require these specific ARVs it is recommended they go through the Pediatric ARV Procurement Working Group to pool their orders to achieve sufficient order batch sizes.

Optimizing the laboratory supply chain: The key to effective laboratory services: SCMS, in collaboration with USAID, has been published in the African Journal of Laboratory Medicine. The paper highlights the cost differences between low, medium, and high utilization rates of common CD4 testing instruments that have been procured though PEPFAR funding.


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EOI Number: PMO- 03-27-2013: Request for US Small Business Manufactures/Suppliers

PFSCM has issued an EOI for the identification of US Small Business Manufacturers/Suppliers of laboratory products. Interested manufacturers are encouraged to submit documentation as specified in the EOI for various laboratory products. To inquire to receive the documentation or additional inform...

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